Even if you have an Alarm System you can still benefit from our kit. Our system is designed to let the crook know that you have an Alarm System with our large 9" x 12" die cut 2 color yard sign, as well as 4 large window decals, all incorporating our professionally designed logo. I am always surprised when I see a residence with a Alarm System and they do not heavily advertise this fact to passers by. Remember, the goal is to never need your Alarm System; send the bad guys away by advertising your system. Also, if you have vacation or remote property, this system can provide the extra measure of security to keep the vandals and petty thieves from entering your property.

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alarm system decals

The Alarm System Kit also includes 8 matching white vinyl window stickers.
These stickers also incorporate the professionally designed logo in red, and are made of a UV tolerant all weather vinyl. The decal utilizes an aggressive adhesive to assure enhanced life.

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Hurry! A house is burglarized every 10 seconds in America. Discourage possible intruders now! with your own fake alarm kit. To order just send $19.95 plus $4.95 shipping and handling to:

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what is passive security?

If you have used a simple light timer while away on vacation then you have used a very powerful form of passive security. Even in fully monitored alarm systems the passive aspects of such a system is vital. Most users of active systems use yard signs and window decals. In fact, this is the most important part of a security system: to discourage the crime from taking place. Even active security systems such as steering wheel locks used on cars gain the bulk of their power through the visual deterrent showing that to proceed with the crime would be too difficult or the criminal may risk capture by virtue of slowing down the crime

It is important to consider when looking at security systems the psychodynamics of the perpetrator. Typically these individuals are looking for a quick and easy way to make money. Their goal is to not be caught but rather to find a situation that nets them the least likelihood that they will be caught. After all, these criminals do not want to spend time in jail. If you create the interface at the outset that suggests their crime will only trigger a monitored alarm system, then they are going to move on to the next property that appears to give them greater unscrutinized access. In fact, when I personally was looking to purchase an alarm system for my home, I was stunned when the alarm salesman told me that, “Quite frankly, the best part of this system is the sign in your front yard.” He said this as I was on the threshold of signing a one-year contract at $29.00 per month and paying an initial install cost of $225.00. My reaction was, why can’t I just purchase a yard sign? If it is true, and certainly seems to be, that a great deal of the power from an alarm system is the visual deterrent, then why then can’t you purchase just that deterrent?


why use passive security?

Cost is one huge reason to consider this system. Many people like myself are just not willing to pay for the recurring monthly cost of a monitored system. If it is true that a great deal of the power of a security system is as a deterrent to crime then why not just buy the deterrent? You should use a passive system for all the same reasons you should use an active system: to prevent crime. Passive security measures have been an important part of any full security system for many years. In fact, recently I looked at a burglary prevention list and four out of the ten recommendations on this list were passive measures. Measures such as using a light timer to create the illusion that someone is at home, having a neighbor mow your lawn and remove any delivered parcels from your doorstep, having mail held at the post office pending your return, and trimming bushes and trees back away from doors and windows were some of the recommendations.

Again, the reasons to use a passive system are very compelling. For many people a monitored system is just not economically possible. For some areas such a system may not be available and in the case of cabins, vacation property and remote storage, electricity may not be available. I truly feel more secure at my own business and office. Obviously we cannot guarantee that you will not have a break in. But we really believe our system will act as a powerful deterrent to intruders.


vacation checklist

1. Lock all doors use one-inch dead bolt locks.

2. Lock all windows -- drill and pin them for extra security.

3. Lock all garage doors

4. Stop mail and paper deliveries or ask a neighbor to pick them up for you.

5. Place several lights and a radio on timers.

6. Adjust blinds and drapes so house appears occupied.

7. Arrange for a neighbor to check your home and park in your driveway.

8. Arrange to have lawn and bushes cut or snow shoveled.

9. Start or join a neighborhood Watch or Block Watch.

10. Set out lawn chairs and a book in the back yard to look as if someone is coming right back.


what about a guarantee?

Of course, we cannot guarantee that you will not have a break in. Remember, this is a FAKE SYSTEM. True monitored Alarm Systems have obvious advantages over a fake one and in no way would we represent that our system will provide that higher level of security. We are the puffer fish of Security Systems and sometimes that is enough and sometimes it is not enough.

Again, Fake System, Not real! We do believe that we have the best looking fake alarm sign system and that is what it is all about: looking good. If you wish to purchase our security kit, you should do so with the firm understanding of the limits of this type of FAKE SYSTEM. Passive security works like light timers: it is designed to discourage break ins as a non active system (enough with the legal disclaimer). If you have questions about our system please feel free to call and talk with a human Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm Pacific Standard Time.

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